Differences between streetball and regular basketball

When there are discussions about amazing and talented streetball players, people often wonder how come they don’t play for NBA. These two sports look so similar that you may think it is easy to become an NBA player if you are a talented street player. It is not impossible, but the truth is that these two sports have a whole lot of differences.

The structure of the game

The first and the main difference is that these two sports are structured differently. There is far less structure in streetball than in traditional basketball. The rules are much more relaxed, and the game can sometimes be played only on one hoop, in one-half of the court. Basically, streetball is suitable for improvisation, whereas in basketball everything is very strictly determined and structured.

Other than this, there are many other important differences. They can be roughly divided into three groups: the rules of the game, the energy level of the players and the play style.



First and the foremost – a streetball team has no official. In basketball, every team has an official. As we said above, the structure of the game is much less strict. So, you will often see a streetball played with teams that consist of less than five players. As a matter of fact, the championship is played in teams that count three members.

Some of the rules of streetball are that self-called fouls are allowed. When it comes to offensive fouls, they are not counted at all. The points are different in streetball as well. There are more shots worth 1 and 2 points, rather than 2 and 3 points like in regular basketball. Travels and double dribbles are something that even referees will not call.

The game is played between two teams, but they play on one-half of the court, shooting on a single hoop. The team that scores has the ball, unlike in regular basketball.

Energy level


From the rules described above, we can conclude that streetball is a bit tougher, more dynamic and far less structured than regular basketball. There is even a saying in streetball: “No blood, no foul.” It tells you about a nature of this game, which can be a bit fierce. The level of energy in regular basketball is high, and it is pretty much constant, especially in the professional leagues. In streetball, it varies a lot, and it can go from people who simply don’t play defense, to those who try equally herd as NBA players.

Play style

The style of playing creates another set of differences between basketball and streetball. It is more fierce and dynamic than regular basketball.A Since it is usually played on one side of the court, it has more isolation plays than assists. There are also no set plays such as pick and roll. Considering the number of players and the size of the court, you can see more one-on-one defense than in regular basketball.